Network Engineer SME


ProcureTeq LLC is seeking a highly motivated, self-directed individual to fill the role of Network Engineer – SME for an existing government client.

The place of performance for this contract is in Alexandria, VA.

SME Network Engineer will be responsible for ensuring the stable operation and efficient performance of data networks; monitoring and managing all network hardware and equipment, including routers, switches, and encryptors; analyzing network performance across the organization’s LANs and WANs; and identifying and developing remedies for network performance bottlenecks.

MUST HAVE TOP SECRET CLEARANCE with upgrade to SCI for some positions

Essential Duties:

  • Manage the purchase, installation, and support of network communications, including LAN/WAN systems.
  • Work on complex problems where analysis of situation requires in-depth evaluation of various factors.
  • Plan large-scale systems projects through vendor comparison and cost studies.
  • Provide work leadership and training to lower level network engineers.
  • Provide network performance statistics and reports.
  • Install and configure all network hardware and equipment, including routers, switches, and encryptors.
  • Inspect, maintain, and, where necessary, replace network cabling and other network-related equipment.
  • Administer hardware and software upgrades for network equipment.
  • Perform network design and capacity planning.
  • Develop, implement and maintain policies, procedures and associated training plans for network resource administration, appropriate use and disaster recovery.
  • Perform network asset management, including maintenance of network component inventory and related documentation and technical specifications information.
  • Administer and maintain user accounts, permissions, and access rights.
  • Recommend, schedule, and perform network improvements, upgrades, and repairs.
  • Interact with vendors, outsourcers, and contractors to secure network products and services.
  • Design network architectures with Juniper routers and switches
  • Configure and troubleshoot Juniper routers and switches
  • Design, configure, troubleshoot, and expand IP address schemas for a WAN/LAN network
  • Develop functional, systems, and technical requirements documents based on operational and architectural requirements.
  • Perform technical analysis of IT alternatives in support of strategic modernization efforts.
  • Provide expert analysis and advice on the feasibility of system designs.
  • Perform detailed engineering to optimize enterprise network topologies and develop engineering design documentation to produce, install, test, integrate, and support a complete functional enterprise or processing system or subsystem.
  • Provide technical support and quality control checks to ensure information systems designs and specifications meet the necessary standards.
  • Develop and present technical information papers (e.g., White Papers, Technical Reports, etc.).
  • Troubleshoot network and communications systems and equipment components.
  • Analyze operational problems and assisting in their resolution, making software and firmware modifications to existing systems, as required, to maintain latest vendor compliance and equipment functionality.
  • Test and debug software and firmware and demonstrate that modifications will perform as requested.
  • Monitor the execution of Engineering & Implementation contracts and provide expert advice on the quality of work provided by the Engineering & Implementation contractors.

Education/Equivalent Training Required:

  • A degree in the field of computer science or other IT related discipline is preferred.
  • Juniper or Cisco network certifications are a plus


  • Requires at least five years of experience.
  • Requires expert knowledge of LAN/WAN systems, networks, and applications.
  • Experience with Juniper network solutions required.
  • Solid working knowledge of network security measures, experience with network management and analysis tools such as Solar Winds.

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