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ProcureTeq LLC is an information technology (IT), minority owned, small business company with a mission to provide the highest quality IT services and products to our Federal government and commercial clients.

According to ITDashboard, www.itdashboard.gov, government agencies will be investing approximately $75 billion into IT services in the fiscal year 2012. With 2013 budget cuts looming, this investment is only going to shrink with government agencies still using technology to support their organizations missions, improve the efficiency of the workforce, and operate at an optimum level. In these challenging times, ProcureTeq is equipped to provide innovative, flexible, and rapidly deployable solutions at an affordable price.

ProcureTeq provides solution integrator who understand the current and future needs of the government agencies and who will deliver economical solutions that integrate seamlessly within an agency’s current architecture and standards. Strategic planning is combined with government domain expertise, solution design and implementation with cutting-edge technology to address the full technology lifecycle. ProcureTeq provides a full range of IT services to its clients. For example, the Enterprise Server Operations Center (ESOC) receives year round maintenance of domestic data centers which includes managing six different network environments: OpenNet, ClassNet, SIPRNet, DMZ, ServiceLAN, and DevLAN. Our support also includes monitoring, application support, switches, servers, and desktop support, as well as defining the architectural requirements designed and implemented by DoS Citrix DevNet Cloud Computing Infrastructure. ProcureTeq also provide support for The State Messaging and Archive Retrieval Toolset (SMART) which is a system that replaced the existing legacy cable systems with a single Microsoft Outlook-based system. This system allows the user to easily archive information between the OpenNet and ClassNet. ProcureTeq also offers Program Management, Exchange, Firewall and Networking for the Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM) in the Greater Washington D.C. area.


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