The first step in successfully managing a network is continuously monitoring of all data, nodes and events across all devices on the network. Data collection and analysis provides both view and details root cause for further troubleshooting.  In the event of your network or even a part of it goes down, which translates into lost productivity, decreased customer service and satisfaction, and ultimately, reduced profits; ProcureTeq provides enterprises with “Network Monitoring as a Services”, deployed at your office or data center, collecting vital information on your servers, desktops, printers, routers, switches, firewall and other devices on the network.  ProcureTeq’s Network Operation Center (NOC) manages the 24×7 demands of hundreds of networks platform and IT applications, customer servers, and the internet. This helps to identify potential issue and provide resolution before any problems occur. Beyond our up to date software and technology tools and a team of experienced support professionals also provide a level customization that is tailor made to meet the needs of your company infrastructure, staff and budget.

Our NOC provides a structured environment that effectively coordinates operational activities, reports, troubleshoots and escalated either to our expert staff or yours. Our technicians typically provide 24/7 support, daily processes duties are:

• Monitoring operations of all network devices, servers and links

• Ensuring reduction in downtime

• Providing quality support of network administrators and users

• Troubleshooting of all network devices and systems

• Opening trouble tickets to track and document resolution of problems

• Providing matrix reports for every incident or only major alarms